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Why Custom Pet Portraits are Super Trendy?

By Kyzia Gomez February 27, 2020 0 comments

The U.S. is a well-known nation of pet lovers. We adore our dogs, cats and other assorted beasties we share our home with. We spend crazy money on their food, beds, toys and let them sleep on our sofas and beds often causing rows between husbands and wives, but the pets always win. What is it about our four legged friends that in a couple of hundred generations have gone from helping us hunt, to being totally and utterly pampered and in some cases totally ruling the roost?

The new trend for 2020 has been decided already- custom pet or animal art. Sites like Get Pet Portrait are allowing your pets to be immortalized in royal paintings. You treat them like royalty already, so why not show it to the world?

Need to get a Custom Pet Portrait

For the majority of pet owners, their little furry friends are part of their family, and some might even elevate their animals to the status of royalty.

Beyond just being mere companions, there is scientific evidence that proves that pets help keep their owners fit and healthy. They are so many benefits of owning them the most important one being that pets make great friends for everyone in the family. Indeed, they are a source of love and friendship. They also help boost your mood and allow you to remain fit and healthy by helping you exercise. Pets may also help reduce stress and anxiety.

With all these benefits in mind, it is easier to understand why pet owners might consider their pet’s royalty and might want to treat them as such. There is currently a growing trend right now of commissioning a custom Renaissance-style portrait of your pets that is worthy of being hanged on your mantelpiece.

It is a fun and loving way to help pet owners express their love, adoration and sometimes obsessiveness with their beloved pets.

Know the reasons behind the Super Trending Pet Portraits:

Animal Art is Super Cute

The reason why so many pet lovers are absolutely obsessed with custom-made Pet Portraits is that you can choose from so many canvases suiting perfectly your pet’s personality and they look so cute! A stunning pet portrait can really capture people’s attention and make them remember your pet forever. Your cute pet turns even cuter when portrayed in a royal renaissance outfit or role play outfits. Professional and customized pet portraits will give your pet the feeling of importance. 

Perfect Gift for Pet Lovers

Are you struggling to find a truly unique gift for somebody special? A one-of-a-kind piece created for a significant birthday, wedding, anniversary or Christmas gift? What can be as good as a bespoke pet portrait painting for you or a loved one to honor a unique furry friendship? A custom pet portrait will give your pet the royal treatment and will offer its owner the most unique pet gift we’ve ever seen. A quality pet portrait makes a truly unique gift. It can be a great idea for somebody that loves or loved their pet. They make the perfect birthday, wedding, anniversary or Christmas gift. If you wish to gift something unique to your loved ones, consider getting the portrait paintings of their pets done!

Making Memories that last forever!

The professional pet portrait artists enable pet owners to immortalize their pet with a one of a kind, custom painted portrait or hand-drawn illustrated portrait. Many people see their pets as part of the family, and they love showing off images of them. A professional pet portrait artist can offer pet owners a real work of art that is worthy of hanging on their wall, thus, making the memories of their pet last forever.

They are Funny!

Getting your pet portrayed in a costume is something you do not see usually! Looking at your pet posing as a 16th Century King or a Policeman, apart from being royal, will also be a tickling and funny thing to see!

They stay with us forever!

One important reason you have your pet’s portrait painted is to commemorate and celebrate your pet. You’d like to be reminded of your pets, especially when they are no longer with you since they still hold a special place in your life.  The picture will always serve as a memory for anyone who sees it. If your pet has already passed away, seeing a photo of them in their vibrant and happy youthful days will help you remember the good times you had with your pet.


If you’re very fond of your pet, then consider getting a professional pet portrait of your pets on It’s important that you cherish your pets while they’re still with you. Fortunately, pet portraits of your dogs and cats will last longer than their actual lives, so you’ll always have something as a keepsake of your adorable pet.

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