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Tips for photographing best photos for your cat’s portrait

By Rahul Bhatia February 24, 2020 0 comments

The best cat portraits are the ones that depict the subject’s character in its best form and store the moment in it for a lifetime. For an excellent representation of the animal’s mannerisms, personality, the physical appearance you must provide the best photographs of your kitty to the artist. There is no need to hire an expert photographer for the job. Simply ensure that the pictures have all important features of pet that you want the artist to include in the cat art. 

Follow the tips listed below to click some wonderful photos of your cat for her portrait - 

Take photos in natural light - It is crucial to capture the accurate and detailed features of your cat. Natural light highlights the natural colouring of the subject along. Plus, turn off your camera’s flash as it gives red-eye to the subject and results in a flat photo as it may also distract the subject. Take the photos in the natural environment even if it’s a cloudy day. If you are photographing your pet indoors then make sure it’s a well-lit room. Keep in mind, your cat portrait will have the same colours as highlighted in the photo. 

Ensure high-resolution photos – Needless to mention, but blurry photos mean imperfect cat canvas art. You need to understand that an artist doesn’t know your kitty intimately. So they can’t bring out the crisp details in the portrait unless they have some good, high-resolution photos for reference. 

There is no need for a DSLR camera to capture flawless photos of your pet. Just ensure the right setting and lighting. You may use a DSLR if you do have access to one. Don’t send the picture straightaway from your mobile. Confirm with your artist what file size will work best for them. 

Click pictures of your cat at her eye-level – Take photos from your pet’s level and aim at getting front-facing shots. Photos taken from the eye level are the most flattering ones and ideal for a pet portrait. You’ll find that the famous cat paintings mostly have a front-on view. However, you may also consider something unusual for the portrait, but make sure you have your cat portrait vision in the form of photos. 

Make your cat look at you while you are taking her photos. This will give you crisp shots with both her eyes at the right angle. Your cat shouldn’t seem cut off in the picture. Play with their curiosity to engage them in the act and make them follow your instructions during the photography session. Plus, don’t click the shots from a far distance. For a top-quality, the portrait doesn’t forget to take bust shots of your cat. 

Get candid shots when photographing your cat – It’s hard for an artist to capture the true personality of the pet unless they have good photos of the subject. To get the best portrait of your pet it’s important to get as many candid clicks as possible. Have fun and play with your cat when clicking her pictures. 

Remember, the best of the clicks are the result of patience. It could take endless sessions to capture that perfect moment. So be patient when photographing your pet for cat portrait. The process demands time and proper preparation. Don’t pressure your cat to rush into the acts. This won’t bring out her true character and personality. The subject should be comfortable when you click photos. You may use the favourite toys or treats of your pet to capture the best moments in your camera.

Send original sized photos to your pet portrait artist - The quality of the portrait will be affected by the type of pictures you send. Try to send the photos in their original size to the artist. The cropped photos are less sharp and not very clear. Most importantly, editing or reducing the picture’s size could result in the loss of crucial information/details.

It’s always best to send the file in the largest size so that the pet portrait artist can zoom in the photo to access all the necessary details. Send original sized photos downloaded from your camera to the artist without any edits. Keep in mind the photos that you’ll share with the artist will be used as a reference for the cat art. 

Concluding Word 

Every animal has a unique personality. They show different acts and signs every day revealing new sides of their character. Capture their moments in a photograph for cat canvas art is undeniably a tough job. The rule of the thumb is to focus on capturing their most endearing parts— it could be their face, eyes, or anything else. Maybe you endear a one-of-a-kind look on your cat’s face and want it to be preserved for a lifetime in the form of the art. 

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