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Royal Pet Portraits are Trending!

By Kyzia Gomez February 25, 2020 0 comments

Do you have a furry little prince, princess, lord or lady living among you?
Showcase their status of nobility with a customized portrait from history,
guaranteed to bring a smile to your face every time you pass it hanging on the wall. Get a unique artwork, a custom pet portrait painting adorning your wall. Your pet is already a celebrity for you and your family. Use it to make your pet famous on the Internet or in your home as wall decor.

What is the Need of Royal Pet Portrait?

Pets do so much for us and we rarely give them the recognition they deserve for being by our side through thick and thin. There are so many reasons to treat your pet like royalty. The truth is that your pet deserves the best, even when he has been a little bit naughty by chewing on your favorite slippers. Every pet owner should feel proud to have a loyal companion by their side every day and here’s why.

  • They Calm You Down

When you have had a stressful day, your pet always greets you with a welcome wag of the tail and affectionate lick on the nose. No matter how emotional, anxious or upset you are, your pet is always there by your side to keep you calm. You can always lean on each other for reassurance and help, no matter how difficult the day as been.

  • They Are Loyal
  • No matter what you’re going through they are always there to guide, assist and comfort you. Make sure you always show them the same level of loyalty they are displaying to you on a daily basis.

  • They Are Part of the Family
  • Your pet is a true member of the family; in fact you can’t imagine life without them. When you pack up the car for a road trip, they are always included in the fun. Every pet deserves to feel like a full-fledged family member no matter how old or young they may be.

  • They Love You
  • The affection and love your pet shows to your every single day is second to none. The first thing they do when you wake up in the morning is give you an excitable cuddle whilst you try and make your cup of coffee. Returning the love right back to them is all you need to do!

  • They Are Adorable
  • Everyone believes that their pet is the cutest in the world, but every pet is gorgeous in their own unique way. Your pet deserves to be treated like royalty simply because he or she is beautiful!

    Capture your Royal Pet in a Royal Portrait!

    Most pet owners would consider their adored furry friends part of the family, and treat their animals like royalty. GetPetPortrait is a website that allows you to transpose photos of your pet’s head onto the body of a classic portrait painting to create a custom masterpiece. The available “bodies” include a Samurai, a Swedish Royal pet, The Council, and more that can then be printed on canvas, framed, and hung proudly over your mantelpiece.

    To generate the posh pet portrait paintings, all you need to do is upload a photo of your aristocratic pet and select a body that captures their “distinguished personality.” Once ordered, the site’s artist starts “digitally mastering” the final design, which is then sent for approval. Once perfect, the portrait is printed onto high-quality canvas, framed, boxed up, and posted. The perfect gift for that someone who’s obsessed with their pet, the “lovingly crafted portrait” will last for years, and can be passed down from generation to generation so your pet’s legacy can last forever.


    GetPetPortrait styles your pet’s whimsical renditions onto canvas like there is an unbelievably realistic quality to them that makes the viewer question whether they’re actually looking at accurate depictions of cats dressed in formal uniforms.

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