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Top reasons that will inspire you to get your pet’s portraiture

By Rahul Bhatia February 20, 2020 0 comments

The contribution of art isn’t limited to depicting its subjects. The colours, style and movement of brush strokes always portray a story. Like human portraits, pet portraiture depicts the best side of the pet’s personality and captures his soul forever in the form of a painting. Selfies and digital photography can’t add that unique personalized touch like the one added to pet portraits. Read on to know why a portrait of your pet is a worthy investment-

Portraits are an ideal option to capture your pet’s personality  

You know well that your pet has feelings. He cried when you yelled at him once. He must have been overjoyed when you shared that happy news in your one-sided conversations with your furry friend. Can you forget those ‘expressions’ of your pet is what made those moments priceless and special?

Pet portrait painting can give life to that joy and happiness of your pet. From anthropomorphic traits to whimsical plays and that unique pose, portraits can easily capture every minute detail of your pet. The artists ensure to include every crucial element of the pet’s natural environment in the depiction. 

Portrayal of your beloved’s special memories is truly special  

Unfortunately, in most of the cases, we outlive our pets. It’s truly special to memorialize your special moments with your pet in the form of a portrait. Accept it or not, but we all love going into the flashback of the old and lovely moments spent with our pets. Imagine yourself walking by the hallway or gallery of your home and coming across the portrait of your beloved pet. A roller coaster of emotions, yeah!

Pets are equally important as the other members of our family. Getting those memories and moments captured in a personalized piece of art is worth considering in every aspect. Royal pet portraits are a luxury thing for the ones who love their pets. They’ll serve as a reminder of the priceless and timeless memory of your best friend. 

Celebrate the existence of your pet with an aww-inducing portrait

Celebrate and commemorate your pet by getting his portrait painted. A pet always holds a special place in the life of its owner. You may have an endless number of photos of your cute friend on your phone. But do you get time to open the folder and cherish the long lost moments? Cartoony, cute, and funny pet portraits illustrate the pup’s personality in the most special way. You may also get a themed portrait of the pet with his toys, in his crate, or his favourite play areas/sleeping spot. Personalization will enhance the portrait and add richness to the final piece.

It’s an amazing gifting option

Whether the portrait is for your loved one or a friend it’s undoubtedly a unique gift option worth cherishing lifelong. Pet portraits will bring back the special memories of the furry friend, but will also amaze the other person. It’ll be a truly special surprise that they may have always wanted. You can get the painting for your fiancé’s birthday. You may gift it to your wife/friend on a special occasion. 

You know well how much the wives love to show off about their husbands and their thoughtful nature. They wouldn’t anyway miss out to mention this special gesture of yours. Moreover, the creative outputs and unique styles of the artists enhance the overall worth of the gift. The professional try to make it special in the best possible way. 

Pet portrait painting will enrich your home décor 

Your pet’s digital photo may fail to generate interest from your guests, but they can’t give a miss to his painting. The painted picture of your dog will surely make a great addition to your home’s décor and draw a lot of attention and curiosity. Wouldn’t you like your guests to marvel at your pet’s hand-painted picture when they pay a visit to your home? You’ll love talking about the personality of your pet portrayed through colors. 

Portraits not only commemorate their subjects but also highlight the story behind it. The artist creates pet portraits using the right composition, shapes, colour, angles, and textures so that people can connect themselves with the story. 

Final Word 

It’s crucial to hire a skilled and experienced funny pet portraits expert to get an amazing piece of art for your pet. You may Google to know about the best pet portrait professionals. Alternatively, you may reach out to your work colleagues, family members, and friends to know about the reliable artists. Know about the mediums used by the artist like watercolours, charcoal oil, acrylic paint, and pastels. Also, some of them work use unusual canvas such as glass, wood, or metal. Go through the work samples of the artists to know about their work and carefully choose one for your pet’s portrait. 

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