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I want some painted portraits of my pet? Who can be the best?

By Jeselle Marie Chan July 13, 2020 0 comments

Pets are not only animals but more than that, they’re members of our family. They have unique and cute personalities; they enrich our lives, and we love them unconditionally. It’s been a common practice since ancient times to display portraits of ourselves and our loved ones, so it’s not a big deal to show our artistic appreciation for our scaly or furry friends. The majority of pet owners consider their little furry friends a part of their family, and some might even elevate their animals to the status of royalty.

Pets are not mere companions, there is scientific evidence that proves that pets help keep their owners fit and healthy, mentally, and physically. There are so many benefits of owning them the most important one being that pets make great friends for everyone in the family. They provide company to every member and indeed, they are a source of love and friendship. They also help boost your mood and allow you to remain fit and healthy by helping you exercise. Pets also help you reduce stress and anxiety.

Many people have pet portraits commissioned as a way to memorialize a pet that has passed or just to immortalize them forever. Most people love to hang their pet’s pictures or portraits on the wall.  Whatever your reasons may be, you surely need a pet portrait that expresses your style and your pet’s personality. Let’s take a look at the options.

Often when you think of a portrait, you imagine an oil painting, or perhaps a colored pencil sketch, or watercolor painting hanging in a gilded frame on a wall.

If you’re considering getting a pet portrait, we suggest you go through all the options available. Maybe you want to tattoo your cat on your ankle (their favorite spot to rub their body against), or maybe you want a laptop decal of your dog, or perhaps pet printed t-shirts for the whole family?

Whether you like classy looks or hep looks, it's a fact that one type of portrait doesn’t fit all. Perhaps your parakeet is best represented by deep, thick oil paints. Or maybe your cats and dogs are better represented by sketchy, light lines of colored pencils. Whether it’s on your walls or on your body, any art you display should make you happy and satisfied, especially if you’re getting the custom artwork created.

Pet portraits are a great way to memorialize your pet or gift it to a pet lover and create a beautiful piece of art that will serve as an everlasting memory of all the lovely times you and your pet have spent together.

There are tons of great services, as well as individual artists, eager to create a gorgeous portrait of your pet of which we will suggest the best for you.

GetPetPortrait offers an array of beautifully designed and hand-crafted artwork on museum quality canvas. You can choose from the many artworks on their website that best represents your pet, and their designers will create beautiful artwork of your pet for you.

Where can I get my beloved dog’s old photo converted into a painting portrait?

We all love and adore our cats, dogs, or whatever pet we have at home. We spend a great deal of time and money looking after them, their shelter, food, beds and toys and we do not mind even if they loiter around the whole house sometimes soiling things and peeing here and there. It’s because we love them, they are man’s emotional boosters. Have you ever wondered what is it about these four-legged animals that transmitted us from hunting them in the past to pampering them with utmost love and care in the present?

People also love pets because pets look cute and adorn our houses. So as fancy artworks do. Instead of spending thousands of bucks on precious and fancy art pieces, why not make your pet a model to be sketched or portrayed to adore your walls and make your house more beautiful?

Commissioning pet portraits that are worthy of being hanged on your mantelpiece is the growing trend amongst pet lovers. And yes! It's not as difficult as you are thinking. Just a few steps and you get a masterpiece that you will cherish forever. offers 100% original and hand-made pet portrait paintings that are fully customizable to fit your needs. Master artists from carefully hand-craft your pet into a portrait to be loved by all. They don't stop until you are fully satisfied with what they’ve created. You just have to upload a photo of your pet that you want to be turned into a portrait. The artists at will look after the rest. They paint your pet exactly as depicted by you. You can also mention any special requests you want to make or if you want to give them any instructions. The best thing about the artists at is that they are open to suggestions.

Before uploading a photo, you need to know what is a good photo?

  1. The photo that you upload should be well lit with natural lighting and should be free from any filter so that the artists can capture the correct color and feel of your pet.
  2. Your pet’s face should be clear and close. The artists will need to identify every minute detail and feature of your pet.
  3. Avoid filtered and blur photos so that the perfect color is interpreted by the artists.

With these easy and few steps, you can upload a good photo you want to be converted to a portrait on and get the best results.

Who are the best dog painters (someone who makes dog paintings)?

If you are looking for a truly good painting of your dog, you should consider getting a custom pet portrait painting done. It is certainly the best way to immortalize your beloved pet that will beautify your house, astound your friends and envy your enemies.

What is Custom Dog Portrait Painting?

Modern portrait paintings made today are completely customizable from the choice of the picture frame to the selection of painting medium, you get an opportunity to decide all. This flexibility is the main reason for the growing trend of pet portraits currently. This is beneficial for both the customer and the painter. People are getting more attracted towards the painting of their furry friends rather than any object or scenery.

Things you should consider while getting a Pet Portrait Painting done:

The work well begun is half done. It is crucial to select a good artist that fits best for the job. Different artists possess different qualities. You need to sieve and choose the best who can perfectly depict the emotions of your pet in the painting. Don’t go after the cheap options and lucrative ads, however tempting they may sound, your pet is too precious to compromise upon the quality of his painting.

Select the artist that can keep the feel of the picture intact and give a personal touch to the painting. If the artist fails to breathe a personal touch into a painting, it will fail to please the onlookers and the pet owner.

Your Trusted Pet Portrait Painting Partner: is your trusted dog portrait painting partner that can create high quality, fully customizable portrait paintings of your dog with easy steps and flexible payment options. The artists at are trained and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Also, your payment is safe and secure.

Where can I get a personalized pet portrait?

It is no doubt that everybody loves his or her pets very much. Most people choose pet portraits when they buy a new pet or when their pet is much older. There are some people who like to wait for their pets to get older to get them into a portrait. However, we all know that the life of a pet is short and unpredictable. We recommend a pet portrait to be done at the time when your pet is perfectly healthy and young. 

We all want our pets to always be in the pink of their health. Don’t wait for them to get old. Because of the short lives of our pets, and being the most loving creatures in our lives, a professional pet portrait is one thing a person should have. 

You need to choose the best artist to work on your custom pet portrait. You can search the web to look for good painting companies or freelancers to do the work. Have a look at their portfolios and their testimonials. Hire Get Pet Portrait for the best work to be done. 

GetPetPortrait provides you with high-quality paintings and a quick and hassle-free way to order your masterpiece! And these are the easy steps: 

Step 1:

Navigate the collections on the website: Male Pet, Female Pet, Historical, Modern or Double portraits. has many portrait outfits to make your fur baby feature into royalty.

Step 2:

Select the size of the canvas. 

Step 3: 

Upload your pet image - choose your file- from your Desktop / mobile drive or from your social accounts (Facebook / Instagram) 

Step 4:

Select the ‘Add to cart’ option and continue to the checkout page to complete your order. 

Step 5:

The artists at will assess your pet’s photo and create manually each and every portrait, using different mediums. 

Step 6:

They will send the portrait painting to your email for approval. After the artists have completed your portrait, they will send you some photos to get your final approval.

Step 7:

They will print the portrait on a museum quality canvas and ship it to you.

If you love pets, get their professional pet portrait painting done on It’s a great feeling to cherish your pets while they’re still with you. The best thing about portraits is that they last longer than your pets. It makes a keepsake and a great gifting idea.

Is it possible to order my pet's portrait from home?

These furry little creatures, the pets, are real troublemakers loitering and being cozy at the craziest corners of the house, we still love them to bits. Some even regard their furry friends as their loyal companions, their stress busters, and sheer royalty. The ones who truly believe that their pets are the royalty, what another way to capture them forever in a regal portrait to address their royalty?

If your pets are the center of your universe, why not craft a pet portrait painting for your fur baby? Immortalize your furry friend by capturing him into a beautiful custom portrait painting. Whenever you look at these animal art paintings, they will make you laugh, smile, sometimes cry tears of joy, and above all, they will make you feel something. Custom pet portrait paintings are a unique and most loved gifting idea for the pet lovers around you. They make the best emotional gift for all the occasions that you can order while sitting at your couch and relaxing.

Need of a Pet Portrait

You must have taken millions of pictures of your fur baby in your phone but they remain untouched in your phone’s memory. You sometimes do not even get a chance to go through them and one day you sit only to empty your phone’s memory. Gone are all the efforts in capturing your little furry friend. If you really want a keepsake of your pet, why not transfer these photos in your phone onto a canvas painted by an ace artist? An artist can create a life-size portrait for your pet and immortalize your pet forever. A pet portrait painting can be made in a variety of mediums including oils, acrylics, charcoal, pastels, and watercolors. Most portraits are painted on museum-quality canvas, some quirky pet lovers even choose to create their pet’s images on pillows, wall hangings, vases, lamps, or jewelry, or any object that is dear to them. 

The good news is that you can get your pet hand-painted right at the convenience of your home. Just follow a few easy and quick steps and custom pet portrait websites like deliver the hand-painted portrait of your pet right at your doorstep! 

When you see your pet’s portrait hanging on your wall, you will fall in love with your pet even more! Not to mention that this glorious masterpiece featuring your beloved furry friend will make for the perfect gift! Can we think of any better way to celebrate the bond that is shared between a pet and its owner? Though can’t be expressed in words, this beautiful relationship can be expressed in the form of eternal art. Getting them painted on canvas is the best way out when you have so many cute pictures of your pet on your phone.

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