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Amazing Gift Ideas for a Dog Lover

By Rahul Bhatia January 21, 2020 0 comments

Dogs are man’s best friend for good reason; they’re intuitive, never judge, and always excited to see you and be by your side. Dog people show their pets how much they care too! It is found that 67% of devoted dog owners gaze lovingly into their dogs’ eyes and 47% of pet owners prefer to cuddle with their dog more often than with their partner. So it’s no surprise the bond between dogs and humans is strong. Since so many people are dog-obsessed, it’s likely that you have at least one dog lover in your life.

Dog owners lavish their pets with presents and endless affection, sometimes to the point of forgetting that they deserve gifts too. Honestly, to a dog lover, a gift for their dog is also a gift for them. Both dog and owner will love a pet-themed present. Give dogs and their owners a special, personalized gifts to show how much you care!

1. Rainbow Dog Leash

Throw it back to childhood tie-dye crafts, and make a multicolor dog leash. This would be perfect for any engaged friends who love seeing dogs in weddings so that their puppy can make a statement down the aisle too. With only three supplies necessary, you can make this adorable leash yourself faster than you can spell W-A-L-K.

2. Custom Dog Art – Portraits

custom dog portrait

Getting good-quality portraits of a pet is something most pet owners splurge on. If you’re camera savvy, snap a pic of your friend’s pet, and turn it into a great gift for pet lovers. Taking engaging photos with dogs can also serve as inspiration for any pet portraits. Your friend will love how cute the portrait is, and here’s the best part about making it – paint it yourself or hire a professional pet portrait maker. Capture the pet snaps and immortalize him into a great canvas portrait. This will be the precious gift for your dog-loving friend.

3. Doggie Nail Polish

We love this fun way to glam up your dog!  If you know someone who loves to paint their nails, polish for their pet makes a great gift idea.  You can’t just give them any polish as you need to make sure you purchase pet safe nail polish available online or at pet stores.

4. A backpack to carry your Dog

If your dog lover friend is adventurous, gift him a dog backpack that he will cherish. Dog backpacks are best suited for high-impact activities like biking or hiking, but can be used around the house as well. They allow you the maximum amount of movement while keeping your dog secure against you and easily accessible. So, next time your friend plans for hiking, he doesn’t have to worry about the safety of his dog.

5. Custom Dog Bandanas

Bandanas are all the rage these days. Make sure your friend’s dog is keeping up with the latest trend and get him a personalized bandana for his pup. Bandana can be used for varied application regarding dog’s health or simply as a fashion statement!

6. Dog Phone Holder

A friend in need is a friend indeed - and the creative dog phone holder will prove two age-old adages right in one go. Mobile phone standing in the shape of endearing dogs - available in the form of your favorite dog breeds - husky, pug, bulldog, bull terrier and dachshund is an instantly likeable gift. Also a wonderful decorative piece for your desk, you can simply rest your phone against the loyal dog. This will be an exemplary gift for all dog lovers. You can gift it to anyone on any occasion.

7. Dog Pillow

Turn your pet’s picture into a decorative throw pillow. All you need is iron-on transfer paper, fabric and a sewing machine. If you don’t think you’re up for the task of making your own pillow, simply iron the image onto an existing pillow or pillowcase. Gifting your friend, this customized dog pillow is a great way to show your love and care for him and his pet.

8. Hanging Canvas

For those dog lovers in your life who are artsy, a hanging canvas would make a great addition to their home. Make it sweet and personal by choosing a favorite image of their photogenic dog. Include a clever one-liner that reflects their lifestyle philosophy. This will also make a great dog wall art. A life-size picture of your dog hanging on your wall will be an amusement for your little furry friend and your guests too.

9. Custom-made Calendar

All dog lovers will agree that just seeing a picture of their dog immediately makes the day better. Make every day stress-free for your loved ones by gifting a custom-made calendar featuring their dog every month of the year. A great reminder that their most loyal and faithful companion will be waiting for them with jumps of joy at the end of the day!

10. Wooden Crate Dog Bed

If have a dog lover who also has an interest in home decor on your shopping list, then you might want to consider this wooden crate dog bed idea. Wooden crates may seem boring at first, but this simple idea shows you how to turn one into a custom small dog bed. Plus, crates can be found in many home improvement and craft stores. All you need is a crate, spray paint, and a pair of pliers to turn a discarded wooden crate into a cozy dog bed for gifting dog lovers!

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