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Get Creative with Dog Art!

By Kyzia Gomez February 24, 2020 0 comments

Our four-legged friends are often the muses for art of all kinds. Of these creatures, dogs are one of the most popular subjects for painting, sculpture, and photography. Throughout art history, they’ve made appearances with members of the aristocracy, self-portraits with famous creatives, and been immortalized as balloons—and that’s just a small fraction of the dog art that exists between the past and today. Canines are living symbols of protection, loyalty, and unconditional love, so it’s easy to see why they’ve been such a long and colorful part of our visual history.

Dogs in Art History

For thousands of years, artists have shown their admiration and respect for canines by painting and carving their likenesses. They even show up in ancient art. In Pompeii, a dog mosaic was found in the House of the Tragic Poet. The structure was built in its current form near the end of the first century BC, meaning that this artwork of a fierce canine had been around for at least as long.

Dog Art

Dogs are good, it's a simple fact of life. So why not include that in your home decor with dog wall art? Remind yourself, family and guests to take on each day with a big smile and a good outlook - be the person your dog thinks you are!

Dogs are beloved for so many reasons from offering adult companionship to being a child's best friend. With over 150 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club, dogs come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and unique personalities. From floppy ears to wagging tails, show your love for man's best friend with dog-themed art.

Everyone’s mantle needs a display of their four legged bestie! If you’re dying to get your paws on some one of a kind puptastic dog art these ideas will definitely get your tails wagging! 

  • Dog Metal Print Wall Art
  • Dogs can tug at our heartstrings and make us laugh until we cry through their antics. From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, each breed of dog has its unique personality and distinctive characteristics. Their common trait is the unconditional love they have to give. The image of dogs on metal prints can elevate the beauty of any home.

  • Dog Quotes
  • Inspirational or funny, dog quotes are sure to be a big hit in any dog-lovers house. Cute quotes on dog wall art remind us to be happy and cheerful and to give our pet a big pat to remind them they are a good dog. 

  • Dog Custom Pet Portrait
  • A pet is the only thing on earth who loves you more than you yourself do. Adore your tail wager back by gifting a marvelous Pet Portrait Painting. Celebrate your love and bond with your pet, with a unique specially designed pet portrait.

    Custom Pet Portraits are made in several mediums like Acrylic Paintings, Colored Pencil Drawings, Oil Paintings, Watercolor Paintings, Charcoal and Pencil Sketches.

  • Dog Canvas Prints
  • Almost since the beginning of time, humans and dogs have been close companions. Their kind eyes, soft fur, and fierce loyalty make dogs some of America's most beloved pets. Whether it is your favorite breed or a fun cartoon, canvas prints of dogs make any room feel warm and inviting.

  • Dog Sculptures
  • Dog Sculptures, mostly made from metal or recycled materials, become your best friend by adding color, charm, and a flashy design to your room. They can be easily hung on the wall or adorn your room by standing tall on a post. It's a unique way to get a colorful statue into your decor, and these dogs will hunt down compliments from your guests.


    Dog wall art is a must-have for any home where there is a love of the popular four-legged best friend! Whether a dog painting in a traditional style or a funny piece of wall decor with a quote on it, Dog wall art is also a great gift for anyone who loves dogs but may not be able to have one in their home.

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