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Dog Portrait Ideas – All You Need to Know

By Kyzia Gomez February 27, 2020 0 comments

Dogs are the most loving and faithful animals one can have as pets. Adoring your furry friend with his marvellous portraiture is truly special. But to get the best results it’s important to choose the right size, medium and artist. If you have no idea about dog portraits take this article as your guide. Read on to know what it takes to ensure the best results of your dog’s painting. 

Factors to consider when ordering custom dog portraits - 

Choice of medium – There are several selections of mediums for pet portrait including oil paintings, pencil, watercolour and charcoal. Oil dog art is the costliest whereas charcoal and pencil portraits tend to be reasonably priced due to less/no use of colour. Keep in mind, the look and feel of a pet painting vary according to the medium type. 

Decide on the size of the portrait - Generally, the average size of a classic dog wall art is 7″ x 10″ and it could be as large as 20″ x 23″. Jumbo-sized portraits are as big as 50″ x 70″. Decide the place where you’ll be hanging the painting and then settle on its size. The size should align with the setting of the place. 

Ensure the right selection of photos – Provide a good photo collection of your dog to the artist so that he can come up with a flawless piece of art. Some pet artists do wonders using a single photo, while some need a variety of angles and shots to build the right character of your dog in the portrait. If you want the portrait version of a particular pose/photo of your dog you may have to provide the right resources to the artist for the same.

Pick a proper frame for the painting – Most of the artists offer the portrait’s frame as an add-on to their services. If you don’t want to take the framing service of the artist you may find one for the painting on your own. However, it’s always best to let the professional frame the dog canvas art. The colour and style of the frame require careful selection. It should be completing the colours and style of the portrait’s medium.

Find a reliable pet portrait artist – You may need to invest sufficient time in finding the right artist for the portrait. You may Google the potential options or get recommendations from your known ones. Private artists offering services for custom dog portraits have their own website. So you can determine their skills and expertise in pet portrait made by browsing through their portfolio on the site.

How to choose the right medium for Dog Portrait? 

The choice of medium depends on the type of portrait you want for your furry friend. It’s a tricky decision as there is a wide range of mediums for depicting different emotions and tones. Here is the list of different portrait mediums popularly used for pet paintings.

Digital – The best thing about digital portraits is that you unique and lively piece of art made using editing software. Digitally made custom dog portraits are cheaper in comparison to the ones drawn by hands as it doesn’t use any costly materials, except advance software. Moreover, they can be created using different styles and you can experiment as much as you want before printing out the final piece. 

Pencil – Pencil dog art is a little more time-consuming comparatively, but the end result is amazing as it features a detailed portrayal of the pet’s features and characterizes. It’s an ideal option for the ones who to immortalize every feature of their cute four-legged friend’s face on the form of a portrait. 

Coloured Pencil – This medium adds life to the portrait and makes it look more realistic. Like a pencil, coloured pencils are best for adding detail to the picture with colours. Plus, they help in emphasizing on the texture and defining every aspect of the pet’s look. 

Charcoal - Dog portraits created using charcoal have a stunning contrast in them. Charcoal medium is perfect for achieving the atmospheric results. The ones looking for classic portrait and have black and white pup may opt for the charcoal medium. 

Watercolours and Pastel colours - Both the mediums are unique in their kind. Watercolours help in adding a looser look to the portrait, whereas pastels are used for achieving a softer look. These mediums add vibrancy to the dog wall art. 

Acrylic and Oil paints – These mediums allow the portrayal of high standard dog canvas art which can be achieved otherwise using other mediums. Acrylic and oil paints offer durability to the portraits and help achieve a flawless texture. If you want a rich and classy pet portrait goes for either oil/acrylic medium. 

Just make sure you connect with a good, professional artist who can get the story portrayed efficiently and highlight the best feature of your pet.

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