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Reasons To Have A Professional Portrait Of Your Pet

By Jeselle Marie Chan June 05, 2020 0 comments

Pet portrait - animal art that says a thousand words

Everybody loves his or her pets so much. Most of the people go for either when they get a new one or when their pet starts getting old. Most people like to wait for their pets to get older to get them into a portrait. However, we all know that life is unpredictable. A portrait should be done at the time when your pet is perfectly healthy.

We all want to remember our pets in the pink of their health. Therefore, there is no point in waiting for a pet portrait to be done. Because of the short lives of our pets, and being the most loving creatures in our lives, a professional portrait is one thing a person should have.

pet portraits 

Let us see why having a professional portrait with your pet is worth all your money.

  1. The Childhood Stage Is Very Short, So Get a Pet Canvas Art To Keep The Memory

We all melt when we see the photographs of our cute little pets whether it is a small pup or a cat. They are the sweetest things in our life. We all bring small pets in our house and barely remember how fast they grow. All the pet owners love to take pictures of these little animals playing, sleeping, and jumping. This is probably the sweetest and innocent phase of a pet's life. Moreover, nothing is better than capturing these moments in a portrait. Therefore, it is better to immortalize these moments in a portrait before it is too late and your little munchkin grows old. A professional portrait of your little pet will remain as a memory with you forever and you will never stop adoring it. It is the best form of animal art.

  1. Animals Do Not Last Forever, Animal Art Can

We all are well aware of the fact that animals have a short life. Seeing them transitioning from a little one to an old one is an experience in itself. Getting them photographed in each phase of their life is normal these days. Why not try a pet portrait. You all will be amazed to see the masterpiece you will get and treasure it your entire life. Getting a portrait every couple of years is an amazing way of creating memories. A tastefully created pet’s portrait is like celebrating their life. Moreover, yes, the portraits stay with you forever.

animal art

  1. Personalization Of Pet Portraits

Every pet is different. They have different personalities, expressions, hair, and teeth. Secondly, as a pet owner, YOU are different too. A professional gathers all the details that you want to have in your portrait and customize it according to your needs and choices. You can also get your desired background in the portrait. These little details of you and your pet make the portrait special. A professional portrait is a real animal art that certainly deserves a special place in your heart.

  1. A Pet Is Part of the Family

We all love to have our family portraits. Why not give the same honor to our pets who give us unconditional love. The love they give us in our most difficult times cannot be expressed in words. You can either get a custom painted portrait or a one drawn with hands. A professional delivers outstanding artwork that creates memories forever and there is nothing better than a custom pet canvas art to create beautiful memories.

  1. A Pet Portrait Is a Piece of Art

Portraits are nothing but a personalized form of art. They are unique in themselves. Despite spending thousands on a portrait of an unknown animal, it is better to have a portrait of your pet. You get a chance to have a custom-made portrait or a hand-drawn portrait that you will be surely proud to have one in your home.

  1. Memories Are Priceless:

Memories are priceless. Nevertheless, once you capture them they remain with you forever. Whenever we feel nostalgic, we love to watch the photographs of our favorite moments like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Portraits and photographs immortalize our most precious moments. Therefore, memories are not just priceless; they are the story of our life. Our pets are our life too. They stay with us in our homes, grow up with our kids, and share every day and every moment of joy with us. Their memories deserve to be documented. A loving pet is no less than a treasure and a professional pet canvas art is the best way to preserve their memories for a lifetime.

  1. An Amazing Gift

A pet’s portrait is the best gift for the person who loves his or her pet a lot. Some people are very attached to their pets and consider them as their children. A portrait is an incredible gift that lasts for a lifetime. It not only brings back the fond memories of your pet but also keeps reminding the person how much you love them. Therefore if your loved one (wife, husband, friend or parents) love their pets, it is one of the best gifts that will certainly earn you extra brownie points.


For those of you who love their pets more than children, you must have thought of getting a custom pet portrait canvas done for the living room wall. Moreover, portraits are the best way to display your obsession with your precious fur-baby. Nevertheless, what remains even after your furry angels depart for their heavenly abode after completing their short span on Earth, are these wonderful displays of pet portraits that spark your best memories with your pet.

pet canvas art


Importantly, if you happen to be a proud pet parent, you know that pets are beyond animals and are members of our families. So, they have their distinctive personalities and we love them to the core. Generally, the displaying portraits of people who mean the world to us have been a tradition since time immemorial. So, showcasing our creative appreciation for our furry or scaly friends isn’t a big deal at all.


On the whole, a lot of people prefer custom pet portraits paintings done as a gesture to memorialize a pet friend who’s no longer with them. However, others enjoy putting up innovative personalized paintings in their houses.

Whatever your reason might be behind getting pet portraiture done, the art simply epitomizes both your furry baby's and your personality and style.

The Myriad Pet Portraits Available

Quite often or not, whenever we visualize a portrait, we either imagine it to be a gilded-framed oil painting or maybe a colored pencil sketch pinned up on the wall. As a result, this has become a trending and the most known option in custom pet photographs. Apart from this, there is a plethora of custom portrait canvas available out there, waiting to be explored.

Varieties of Pet Portraits to Get Inspired From

There are unique ideas for a custom pet portrait painting available. Therefore, you can always take cues from them. Besides, a few of the ideas are shared below.

Prefer Keeping it Authentic and Classic

For instance, if you prefer pet photos to be classic, they aren’t one-size-fits-all. Besides, your gerbil is best brought out by the thick and deep oil paints. Another idea is to suit your Maltese to the light and sketchy lines of colored pencils.

Let Your Creative Juices Flow

Furthermore, art, as you might be aware of more about the subject that it represents and the style itself, narrates a story. You can depict your fluff-ball or pup friend's personality, through the bold brushstrokes of the impressionists or the vivid face colors of pop art. As soon as you can choose the style, you can enhance the custom portrait canvas.

Custom pet portraits paintings

Dogs, Dogs and More of Dogs

On the whole, have you ever wondered about the percentage of pet photos in your phone gallery? They surely have succeeded in your selfies and photographs. Also, let’s face this, pets are undeniably adorably without whom we cannot imagine our life. For example, if you are into deep thoughts as to why isn’t the Instagram account for the hedgehog pair or the garter snake fetching attention, it’s probably because you’re ruling the market with your cute and adorable custom pet’s portraits paintings.

The Bad to the Bone

It’s quite daunting to even think that our lovely pets were originally bred for practical reasons. For example, chasing away mice, herding sheep, hunting badgers, etc. So, you might as well pitch in to celebrate the badass persona of your bone-loving friend.

The Coolest Pets as People Trend

Do you bet your parakeet has hoarded up emotions when he shed tears upon being yelled at by you that one day? Pets are more human than humans themselves. You can bring out their ‘people like characteristics’ in the portrait. For instance, choose some quirky plays on the classical portraiture or get them to pose against the whimsical anthropomorphic settings. You would fall in love with the pets-as-people trend in custom portraits culture.

Commissioning the Best Artist for Your Pet Portrait Canvas

Custom pet portraits paintings irrespective of the place, wall or on your body as tattoos must be able to make you happy and remind you of the love, she shows on you, especially if you are hiring artists for custom pet portraits.

Here are a few good ideas on how to get the right artist:

Holding an illustration Contest

On the contrary, if you’re unsure of the style for the custom portrait paintings, hosting a design content is the best option for you. Here’s how the illustrations contest work:

  • You fill in a few innovative briefs, that explain your needs and style. Apart from this, upload a few photographs of your pet for an idea.
  • The designers from all over the continents would pour in their ideas as per your requisites.
  • You would have the designs rated and choose a few of the artists whose work you love. Finally, you select them to work with.
  • The final artists shortlisted by you would make tweaks as per your feedback.
  • Finally, you would choose the winner.

To summarize, choose the best artist to work on your custom portrait and help it become the talk of the town. You can set out to search for freelance illustrators or browse for some local artists on various apps. Take your own time to go through their portfolios and seek for their previous works before hiring them in. You can hire Get Pets Portrait for the best work.

Excellent tips on dog portraits and which portrait medium to choose?

Irrespective of whatever you are working on, a Chihuahua dog art or a drawing on a German Shepherd, the drawing basics of pet portraits remain unchanged. On the whole, it’s easier, to replicate a dog drawing from its original photo. However, it’s much easier to get a pup seated and work on its dog wall art.

Besides, here are a handful of tips to bear in mind when getting your dog portraits on canvas done.

Drawing a dog portrait with ease

Firstly, to achieve a lively dog face, you need to create a rough sketch inclusive of geometric shapes that represents the dog’s head. Also, here are a few of the basic sequences that you can adhere to for the perfect dog portraits on canvas.

  • Firstly, create a circle to make the skull.
  • Secondly, add a muzzle followed by a nose.
  • Thirdly, lend shape to the skull.
  • Fourthly, add the ears to the skull.
  • Finally, start shaping its forehead.
  • Last but not the least, add the eyes.

dog wall art

Creating the dog’s eyes for dog art

  • Before you begin working on the eyes of the dog, take the help of photo editing software to brighten the reference photo. As a result, brightening the reference photo would give you the best possible view of the structure of its eyes.
  • Secondly, create a line to dissect the face of the dog into half. Furthermore, it would help you to achieve a symmetrical eye position.
  • You can add small circles to show the eyes. Following this, start painting the eyelids around the eyes. Also remember, that the upper eyelids of a dog tend to cover the eyeball partially.
  • Now, start working on the fur direction around its eyes.
  • Furthermore, shade the darkest eye areas of the dog.
  • In addition to this, work upon the middle tone of the eye’s light reflections.

How can you achieve the perfect dog nose for your dog wall art?

The simplest way to achieve the perfect dog nose is concentrating on its texture. In most cases, the nose of the dog might appear jet black. However, if you look meticulously, you would observe that they are filled with cracks, discolorations, bumps followed by other minuscule details. Besides, adding those nose details in your dog art might look like a small touch, but contributes majorly in bringing out the liveliness of your dog photo.

Drawing a dog canvas art like a pro

When starting to create a dog’s body, it’s important to gain a little knowledge of the anatomy of the dog. Also, this plays a useful contributor in achieving realistic dog wall art in general. Try to look into the differences between the muscles and the skeletal structures of various breeds.

  • Firstly, start by roughly painting the bones.
  • Secondly, you can use geometric shapes to lend the contours of its body.
  • Finally, you can begin adding lines to represent its muscles subtly. The muscles' obviousness would depend upon which breed it is.

Painting a Sitting Dog for the Perfect Dog Portrait

  • On a diagonal line, begin by drawing three circles to represent the head of the dog, its hind legs, and its chest.
  • Secondly, you paint the back and front legs of the dogs.
  • Finally, work on the contours of its fur.

dog art

How to Paint Dog Fur

In general, painting dog fur is one of the most intimidating parts when making pencil drawings of pets. The key aspect to keep in mind is that dogs own multiple fur coats that start at myriad points and run in various directions. As a result, you must ensure that your dog art represents the various fur coats, the overlaps of the coats. In addition to this, your drawing must also represent the areas of the dog’s undercoat.

Monochrome vs Colored Dog Portraits?

In most cases, dog owners would safely assume that they wish for a dog canvas art in color. While this might be and why you should get custom dog painting made an excellent choice, it’s wise to not ignore the power of a monochromatic portrait either. The monochromatic portraiture with works of charcoal and pencil can look striking. The stunning contrast can have a huge impact on looks which colored portraits cannot pull off.

If you paw-buddy happen to have a gray or black coat, you can explore the black and white dog canvas art to check if they woo your eyes. On the other hand, if your dog has colorful and a rich coat and if that is what defines them, then it’s smart to stick with colored portraits.

Which Dog Painting Mediums to Pick?

If you are unsure about which medium to go for regarding your dog portrait on canvas, it can be a daunting call. Furthermore, different mediums allow different emotions and tones.

Given below are few of the most sought-after mediums for portraitures:

Charcoal- Charcoals are known to spark a stunning contrast, with an atmospheric and a loose contrast.

Pencil- Just because we have to achieve a plethora of individual marks, pencil works are generally time-consuming. However, the results are awe-inspiring

Pastel- In general, pastels result in a softer look while accomplishing great vibrancy.

Watercolor- Watercolor leads in innovative portraits.

Explore a variety of dog portraits artists like out there, who paint in myriad mediums and styles that you can imagine. You are sure to come across something that you might love.

Why you should get custom dog painting made

Painting has always been an amazing thing for home decors. Whether it is a painting of a family member or your dog, having a painting on the wall makes you relive the memories. Many artists make lovely portraits of people but very few artists paint pets. So, choose an artist who can make a lovely painting of your dog.

Are you still wondering why you should get your dog’s painting made? Then here are some of the reasons for you to get it done.

custom dog painting

Custom dog painting will keep your memories alive

When you own a dog, which is like your family member, then you like to do something special for your dog. If you want to do something special, then you can get custom dog paintings made for your dog. They help you in remembering your dog when it is no longer with you. It will also make a lovely décor on your wall.

Having a painting of your dog on your wall will also help in giving a peaceful mind looking at it. You can also get your dog’s painting digitally by uploading its picture online and getting it photoshopped into the painting.

Paintings capture your dog’s personality

When it comes to getting a portrait made, dogs cannot sit still. Either you can choose a nice photo of your dog that can be painted or take your dog to a place it is comfortable. The paintings of your dog can be informal and hence, they need not be formal. When you hire an artist, he or she will add certain elements to your dog’s painting. Adding these elements highlight the features of your dog and capture its personality.

Any artist who wants a good result will take time to create the painting. Even when you are getting the painting done digitally, the designer or the artist will take time to create a perfect painting.

Creating curiosity in the minds through dog canvas painting

When you are getting custom dog paintings made, people like to see what is new on the wall. When they see your dog’s painting on the wall, they will get curious. They would want to know about your artist and the pet. Since not many people get the idea of getting a painting of their pets made, people will talk about your painting. You never know this curiosity and the concept of pet painting can inspire them to get them done for their pet. The people will have too many questions that you would love to answer and boost about the painting.

dog canvas art

Custom dog paintings tell a story of your dog

The whole point of having a painting or portrait to be made is to tell a story and create memories. If your artist is good, then she or he will paint a picture that will tell a story. He or she will be able to see your dog as larger than life.

To help him or her to give better results, you can give the artist a picture that has a theme in it. For example, you can give a picture of your dog that has been taken during a trekking trip or an outdoor activity.

For any artist, the composition, colors, background, right angle, texture, etc. matters a lot. So, make sure that you are clear about your perspective and what you are expecting from the artist.

However, if you are choosing a website to create a painting of your dog digitally, then you can leave some instructions for their designers. But, on most of these websites, the designers are well qualified to create a perfect painting of your dog in the shortest period of time.

Custom dog paintings help in supporting a cause

If you are a social activist or support some cause related to dogs, then having a painting helps. You can use a dog’s painting as part of the campaign and raising awareness of the ill-treatment of dogs. Many artists make a painting of animals for donating to animal shelters.

If you are using your dog’s painting for good cause, then you should choose a painter who can help you in being part of the cause.

Search for an artist who will make the dog’s portrait

Many artists can paint animals. However, not every artist can do that. Hence, you should research the artist who will be able to make the painting. You can do an online search for an artist. Usually, artists have their website where you can get their contact details and also have their portfolios.

You can also seek the help of the people you know who have got such a job done. You can contact their artist and get their sample of the artist’s work to understand their expertise. You can also find out what kind of painting or artwork they are in so that you can choose accordingly.

Creative ideas for a royal pet portrait for your four-legged furry friend

Royal pet portraits

The moment you enter your home, you would find them waiting for you at the door and jumping on you and licking you the moment they see you. You would find them wagging their tail at you the instant you wake up in the morning. These are some priceless memories that you get to create with your fur baby. And what another way to make them a part of your family and love them if not by going for royal pet portraits?

You could go to various professional artists who are there. You might have taken various snapshots and simple spontaneous photos of your dog which are some unforgettable memories. However, if you go for the same old boring, the portraits could get monotonous.

Historical portraits

And without creativity, trying to bring life in the historical portraits would not be possible. If you are looking for someone who has already mastered the art of pet portray and painting, you would want someone with exceptional skills and an eye for thinking out of the box.

With the help of what you want and their imagination, you would be able to take the portrait of your furry friend to the next level. All you require would be some imagination, a good artist and patience, and voila, as a result, you would be freezing moments and the personality of your pet without any hassle.

historical portraits

Invite the Best Friend of your Pet For Pet Canvas Art

Animals always tend to be funnier when they are with the people or animals they are close too. And therefore you should always take advantage of the playtime. When thinking about doing pet canvas art, you should take them as two unlikely subjects of the art. Invite the best friend of your pet for some heart-melting painting and this would ensure that they are comfortable during it. It would be hard to predict how the portrait would turn out but do not be afraid when it comes to being spontaneous. You would end up with something which would be adorning the walls of your living room. You could also go for a pet’s portrait as a form of gifting. Therefore, this would be loved by someone who has a love for four-legged friends and has them too.

Going Costume Shopping

You would find miniature pet clothes anywhere out there which you could use for funny pet’s portraits. There are lots of affordable royal clothing, pirate clothing, hoodies and other kinds of clothing that you would find including online. As long as your four-pawed friend would be comfortable in it you could surely go for it without any hassle. Also, you could go for accessories which would also help in holding the concentration and focus of them. And if they do not like the costume, then this could be a great alternative. This would add a spark to the portrait without any doubt.

Treat them Like Professional Model

This is another thing to keep in mind. You could ask for simple light patterns to be incorporated in the royal pet portraits which would add another level of glamour to the pictures. And if you would be creating a portrait from pictures, then you could add capturing some expressions which would resemble the human expression. This would provide you with some eye-catching results. You could get creative outdoor as well which would help in enhancing the features of your pet and would add a touch of professionalism to simple portraits.

Finding Things to Fit Them For Best Pet Canvas Art

You would find these oddly satisfying videos on various social media where you would find pets fitting inside boxes, camera bags, and a lot more. You could surely incorporate ideas that would help you in making the historical portraits even more subtle and out of the box.


This would be a great idea for pet canvas art where not just your pet but you would be a part of the painting too putting all the focus on your four-legged friend. This would help you in creating new angles with strokes and would also help you when it comes to highlighting the world of your pet.

Capturing the Precious Detailing

Another creative idea that you could go for. When you would be looking for an artist they should know how to appreciate a subject. Therefore they should prioritize the detailing as well. As a result, funny pets portraits could be created which would help in enhancing the personality of your furry friend.

 funny pet’s portraits

No matter how many pictures you have taken before, you would always want that perfect portrait of your pet. Ask the artist to use their imagination but you should be clear regarding what you are expecting from them. Before you know you would be the possessor of masterfully created portraits of your favorite pet child.

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