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10 Best Gifts for a Pet Lover

By Rahul Bhatia January 20, 2020 0 comments

Pets are part of the family so it’s only natural that we treat them as such. For all the people in your life who love their pet as much as other people love their children, get them a pet-themed present they’ll positively love. Whether they are a dog lover or cat lover, these gifts are sure to please. Whether it’s for them or their furry four-legged friend, they’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness of your gift. Your friends and family will love that you took the time to get them a present with their favorite pet in mind. 

You will want to check out this list of creative and affordable gift ideas.

1. Pet Tees

There are all sorts of adorable t-shirt ideas for pet lovers. Printing a slogan related to your pet or describing your four-legged friend on a t-shirt and flaunting it for the rest of the world to see makes an amazing idea of gifting and shows how much you love your pet. The shirts are fun and affordable and sure to make your pet parent smile.

2. Animal Art

If your pets are the center of your universe, why not craft a pet portrait painting for your fur baby? Immortalize your furry friend by capturing him into a beautiful custom portrait painting. Whenever you look at these animal art paintings, they will make you laugh, smile, sometimes cry tears of joy, and above all, they will make you feel something. Custom pet portrait paintings are a unique and most loved gifting idea for the pet lovers around you. They make the best emotional gift for all the occasions.

3. Pet Photo Tote Bags

Everyone appreciates a gift that they’ll use often like a reusable shopping bag. The pet-lover in your life will particularly love one that allows them to show off their precious pooch to the world even when they are not together. Gift them a shopping bag with the photo of their pets printed on it. We are sure they will appreciate your gift more than any other gifts they’ve got. 

4. Hand-knitted Pet Bed

If knitting is your style, then consider making a hand-woven pet bed. Any pet owner will surely be delighted by such a special gift from the heart. Gifts that are hand-crafted gives a personal touch and are more appreciated than the ones bought from the market. Plus, they’ll be reminded of you every time their favorite furry friend cozies up for a nap.

5. Pet Photo Transfer Décor

Turn a boring piece of furniture into a work of art that pays homage to the recipient’s favorite animal. If you have access to a great photo, transferring it onto an unusual surface makes for an ultra-personalized gift. You can apply this same technique to any similar surface like a piece of wood for rustic wall art. With few basic materials, you can transfer the photo of your pet or your friends pet to any piece of furniture or just a piece of solid wood or wood panel to be hanged on a wall making it the perfect animal wall art.

6. Pet Bathing Tool

Dogs and cats need baths. Gift their owners a pet bathing tool that rinses while you scrub, speeding up bath time, making it less stressful on the pet and owner. Gifting a pet bathing tool, which is a wearable combination of sprayer and scrubber, is not only a gift for the pet owner, but also a boon to the pet as it will make the bathing time less stressful and more enjoyable for the pet.

7. Deodorizing Candles

Pet odor and pet smells are a necessary evil in a pet owner’s life. However, you don’t have to sit back and accept it. Light these deodorizing candles to not only eliminate pet odors but enjoy the soothing scents. While sprays, cleaners, and a sprinkle baking soda can do some good, sometimes just the light, fragrance, and ambiance of a candle is nice to enjoy. You can find them in lemongrass, vanilla, lavender, and so many other scents.  Each scent has a soothing purpose to fill the room with scent and leave you feeling calmer and relaxed.

8. Personalized Pet Keychain

Customize a handmade keychain with a picture of your special animal, make it special for the pet lover! This makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. This is a great idea as a pet memorial personalized gift and one-of-a-kind way to showcase your love for your pet. Since pet lovers often times hate leaving their four-legged babies behind, these personalized key accessories make fantastic gift ideas for the animal whisperers in your life.

9. Pet Tent Bed

This adorable pet bed puts a trendy and fun twist on your traditional pet bed. If your pet lover friends or family members value their home's aesthetic, this is the gift for them. 

10. Custom Pet Photo Coasters

What better way to show off your pet than to put its photo on a coaster. Custom printed coasters with a beloved pet's photo can be used on gifts for the owner. If you don't like your picture on things, you can use a photo of your pet for a unique holiday gift tag. Pet photo coasters paired with labels are a fun way to spruce up your homemade wine bottles—and make your gift the talk of the town!

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